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Create A MySQL Database And Use It

It is assumed that you have successfully installed MySQL Community Server on your local machine and the MySQL Workbench is up and running as of this moment. On your workbench, in the huge text area provided, key in the command as shown below.
Click on the lightning symbol on top of the text area where you keyed-in the command. Here is how it will look like.

Create Database In MySQL

The command you have executed created a database named as 'MY_FIRST_DB'. What is a database anyway? I think, the simplest way to look at it is, a database is a structured way of storing and accessing a data. In MySQL and in other similar relational database management systems, a database could also mean a collection of tables, functions, stored procedures and etc. For me, I sometimes think of it as a folder where I have a lot of spreadsheets where each spreadsheet contains rows and columns to store the data. I may have some other utilities inside that folder to help me out in managing my data and day to day operation to run smoothly and more efficiently.

Now that we have created your first database. It is now time to use it. On the same text area where you executed the previous command, delete what is keyed-in on it now and replace it with the command shown below.
The command we have executed simply means, we are now using the database we have in MySQL server.

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